Liferaft Servicing

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liferaft servicing

liferaft servicing

liferaft servicing

liferaft servicing

Liferaft Servicing is carried out annually for commercial and international vessels.

Non-commercial recreational and yachting liferafts should also be serviced annually unless the manufacturer indicates an alternative service period.

These servicing intervals should also comply with local regulations for yacht club racing requirements, etc.

The length of time taken to service a liferaft depends on the amount of work required to be done and the size of the liferaft, i.e. 4-person or 25-person.

Generally servicing takes one day per liferaft with some of the larger liferafts needing longer. When bringing in your liferaft for service, it pays to drop it in up to two weeks in advance as the workload at certain times of the year means lengthy delays in getting the raft serviced. i.e. prior to Christmas or a major race.

Liferafts can be sent in and returned via courier or freight companies depending on the size of the liferaft. However, insurance against damage or loss is the owner's care.

If required an estimate for the service can be provided prior to the work being completed, usually at no charge if the job goes ahead. Owners and crew are encouraged to view their liferafts when it is inflated, as most people have no idea as to what is in a liferaft or what it looks like. This should be organized when dropping the liferaft in for servicing as organizing crews to view the raft can cause delays.

When bringing your liferaft in for service you should have all of the survey requirements for the raft available, i.e. CAT I, SOLAS B, SOLAS A, etc. This is to avoid the incorrect pack being put into the raft. When signing in your liferaft, please provide name, address and contact phone numbers along with any additional information, i.e. fit EPIRB into raft or return address if sent via courier.

If you do not have an account payment is required before the liferaft can be uplifted. We accept cheques, cash, credit cards or direct credits. If paying from overseas, payment can be made via telegraphic transfer in advance to the liferaft being dispatched.

RFD (Australia) Pty. Ltd. are authorised service agents for:

  • SOLAS & AMSA Approved
  • DSB
  • TOYO