RFD offers a sophisticated range of safety solutions. Whether it is Breathing Air, Gas Detection, Air Quality Testing, brands such as MSA ensures we can meet your safety/compliance needs. Service and support of safety products are a vital component of RFD's commitment to its customers.

Safety Related Equipment
Safety Related Equipment

RFD are able to supply a comprehensive range of safety related equipment, which include:

  • SCBA (Self Contained Breathing apparatus)
  • Air line Trolleys
  • Escape Sets
  • Cylinder Cleaning
  • Gas Detection
  • Gas monitoring and testing
  • Air sampling and testing
  • Fall Arrest
  • Thermal imaging

RFD work with the leading suppliers in this field including:

  • SCBA (Self Contained Breathing apparatus)
  • MSA
  • Air and Gas
  • Seibe Gorman
  • Drager
  • Iner Spiro