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RFD delivers innovative and efficient compressed air and pump solutions for our customers' applications. The technology designed into our compressor solutions distinguishes us from our competition. With this in mind, we only offer brands that provide energy cost savings as well as durability and unmatched quality.

Breathing Air - Bauer 
Breathing Air - Bauer

The Bauer range of breathing air equipment combines the attributes of efficient performance, reliability, and ease of use. Designed with the professional user in mind, all equipment is built to the highest quality standards.

Equipment Range

The breathing air range includes:

  • Charging sets
  • Compressor Blocks
  • Filtration
  • Charging panel

Breathing air equipment is used in the following applications:

  • Fire and rescue services
  • Army, Navy and Air force
  • Chemical, Petrochemicalo and Oil refineries
  • Airports
  • Power Stations
  • Offshore oil and gas platforms
  • Commercial diving and dive support vessels
  • Mining
Breathing Air - Bauer Junior 
Breathing Air - Bauer Junior

Junior II
The JUNIOR II's small size and refined compressor technology, appealing especially to ambitious sports divers who want a safe and reliable source of pure air, even in remote dive locations.

The compact design makes the JUNIOR II an even better value for money alternative for committed sports divers.

PET Bottle Blowing - Gardner Denver 
PET Bottle Blowing - Gardner Denver

The Beliss & Morcom range offers a compact designed compressor system, that provides maximum oil free air capacity from the smallest available footprint with the following benefits:

  • Low Power Consumption Use of energy efficient equipment ensuring lower operating costs
  • Small Compact Footprint
  • Reduction of foot print leading to savings in costs of floor space
  • Simple installation: The Belliss range is supplied as one compact skid package
  • High Operating Efficiency Robust designs result in maximum compressor availability and higher productivity
  • High Quality Oil Free Air Clean dry air to ISO standards with no risk of contamination to PET containers
  • Reduced Noise Levels
  • Ability to operate in high ambient conditions as standard, unlike screw booster configurations
Seizmic Hamworthy 
Seizmic Hamworthy

Hamworthy have been designing and manufacturing high pressure compressors for marine applications. Hamworthy high pressure air and gas compressors are ideally suited to:

  • Rig tensioning
  • Seismic survey
  • Offshort drilling
  • Inert gas boosting and injection
  • Pipeline evacuation
  • Weapon systems
  • Oxygen generation plant
  • Diving and breathing air
Industrial - Gardner Denver - Air Cooled Compressors 
Industrial - Gardner Denver - Air Cooled Compressors
  • Gas Injection Moulding
  • Argon Cylinder Filling
  • NGV/CNG for vehicles
  • N² Boosting for test Purposes
  • Helium Research Laboratories
  • Argon for Welding Gas Seal Pressurization
  • N² Laser Cutting
  • Gas Boosting for Autoclaves
Industrial - Gardner Denver - Oil Free & Lubricated Compressors 
Industrial - Gardner Denver - Oil Free and Lubricated Compressors
  • N² - Tube Trailer Transfer
  • Mixed Gas Recovery
  • Nat Gas - Gas Seal Pressurization
  • CO2 - Brewery Applications
  • N² - Steel De-scaling
  • N² - Pipeline Pressure Testing
  • High Pressure Gas Storage
  • Various Gases for Test Cells
Industrial - Gardner Denver - Oil Free Compressors 
Industrial - Gardner Denver - Oil Free Compressors
  • O² - Feed to Steel Works
  • N² - Metal Atomization
  • H² - For Margarine Production
  • CO² - Gas Transfer
  • N² - Steel De-scaling
  • O² - Wet Air Oxidation (WAO)
  • O² & N² - Gas Boosting from VSA/PSA/Membrane
  • O² & N² - Gas Boosting from Cryogenic Vaporizer
Industrial - Gardner Denver - Water Cooled Compressors 
Industrial - Gardner Denver - Water Cooled Compressors
  • Heliox Divers Gas Transfer
  • Offshort Nitrogen Blanketing
  • He/N² Tube Trailer Transfer
  • HP Air Separation Columns
  • NGV/CNG for Vehicles
  • N² for Oil Well Stimulation
  • H² Storage from Electrolytic Generator
  • N² for Coil Tube Drilling
  • High Pressure Gas Storage for Test Cells