Pilot Flight Equipment

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RFD Australia supplies an extensive range of Pilot Flight Equipment for rotary wing, fixed wing and fast jets.

Joint Strike Fighter Pilot Equipment 
Joint Strike Fighter Pilot Equipment

This suite of garments has been specifically selected for their JSF aircraft to fully optimize pilot comfort and performance. The final standard Pilot Fighter Equipment developed by RFD Beaufort will provide a fully integrated modular clothing ensemble intended to protect the pilots in all known flying and ground environmental conditions.

A fully integrated clothing system offers major benefits in terms of comfort and mobility with each garment layer being specifically designed to interface with its immediate boundary. This takes into account wearer and clothing allowances ensuring full freedom of movement even with the more cumbersome clothing schedules. In regards to routing of the cooling garment supply hoses, each garment has a breakout facility which lines up with other garments to ensure clean passage through the clothing system.

RFD Beauford AGILE® Liquid Cooling Garment 
RFD Beauford AGILE® Liquid Cooling Garment
RFD Beauford AGILE® Liquid Cooling Garment RFD Beauford AGILE® Liquid Cooling Garment

A modular, interchangeable aircrew clothing system designed by Beaufort specifically for the high G aircraft.
The ensemble is designed to operate in the -35C to +35C conditions and provides protection from fire, cold water immersion, high sustained G forces and cold weather environments.

Mk15 WA Life Preserver 
Mk15 WA Life Preserver

The life preserver is designed for use by aircrew of helicopter and non-ejection seat aircraft. The distinctive features of the Life Preserver MK15 are the:

  • Touch and release fastened pouch
  • Profiled inflatable stole
  • Nylon operating head
  • CO2 Cylinder

The profiled stole provides a firm and comfortable floatation irrespective of the environmental temperature. The lifepreserver is compact with snag free contours, is comfortable to wear, and provides ample freedom of movement to the wearer. The MK15W is intended for wear by personnel with a chest measurement in excess of 1067 mm.

LRU 23/P Single Seat Life Raft 
LRU 23/P Single Seat Life Raft

Type B1/C2
For use in Personal Survival Packs in all aircraft types

  • NATO Codified
  • Exceptionally light & compact
  • Manufactured from Butyl fabric by traditional and reliable 'hand assembly' techniques
  • Boat-shaped buoyancy chamber fitted with a floor and canopy
  • Fully inflatable or partially inflatable floor
  • Underside fitted with large capacity water pockets which reduce the likelihood of capsizing in rough seas or when boarding
  • Canopy assembly either inflatable or non-inflatable depending on level of insulation required
  • Full length opening with touch and close fastener
  • Large transparent visor
  • Sleeve for PLB aerial
  • Button on the apex of the hood for mounting of a personal location lamp
  • Automatically deployed drogue assembly
  • Hand bailer, sponge and leak stoppers
  • Integral bailer(type C2 only)