Life Rafts

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RFD supplies an extensive range of Life Rafts to the Australian Defence Forces that range from single seat to the multi-passenger Marin Ark Evacuation System.

  • Designed for commercial shipping and military use
  • SOLAS and MSA compliant
  • Uncompromising quality and design sophistication
  • Manufactured to ISO9001 quality standard, Lloyds approved
  • Insulated floor plus self-erecting double skinned canopy
  • Sea light with on/off switch to conserve battery life
  • Available in throw-over and davit launched deployment models
  • 50 and 100 person liferafts packed to SOLAS B only
  • Designed for commercial airlines
  • FAA and CAA compliant
  • Available in five models
  • Manufactured from light weight, high visibility polyurethane proofed nylon fabric
  • A range of stowage options available to suit any situation.
Search & Rescue Life Rafts 
Search and Rescue Life Rafts

The RFD SAR-Raft provides Search and Rescue agencies with a universal air droppable liferaft system that is simple to deploy. The system can be despatched from virtually any rotary or fixed wing aircraft and requires no costly airframe modifications.

Two configurations of the RFD SAR-Raft are available. The SAER-Raft for fixed wing/forward flight applications features automatic liferaft inflation on contact with the water, while the dispatcher controls inflation of the SAR (H) hover variant. The low weight and bulk of the versatile packaged RFD SAR-Raft enable multiple units to be carried to satisfy differing mission requirements.

The system is equally suitable for smaller aircraft types.

The RFD SAR-Raft is capable of being despatched with high levels of accuracy from helicopters hovering at 9 – 15m (30-50ft), of from aircraft in forward flight at altitudes ranging from30-90 meters (100-300ft) and forward speeds of up to 140 knots.

LRU 23P Single Seat Life Raft 
LRU 23P Single Seat Life Raft

Type B1/C2
For use in Personal Survival Packs in all aircraft types

  • NATO Codified
  • Exceptionally light & compact
  • Manufactured from Butyl fabric by traditional and reliable 'hand assembly' techniques
  • Boat-shaped buoyancy chamber fitted with a floor and canopy
  • Fully inflatable or partially inflatable floor
  • Underside fitted with large capacity water pockets which reduce the likelihood of capsizing in rough seas or when boarding
  • Canopy assembly either inflatable or non-inflatable depending on level of insulation required
  • Full length opening with touch and close fastener
  • Large transparent visor
  • Sleeve for PLB aerial
  • Button on the apex of the hood for mounting of a personal location lamp
  • Automatically deployed drogue assembly
  • Hand bailer, sponge and leak stoppers
  • Integral bailer(type C2 only)
Marin Ark 632 
Marin Ark 632

The Marin Ark 632 is the largest, safest and most cost-effective dry-shod MES in the world. This system features an innovative helical slide path that combines the benefits of a fully enclosed evacuation chute with the natural descent of a spiral slide. So, crew members can even ascend to assist other passengers if required. One of the most dynamic design features of this new system is the integration of a service winch into the stowage unit which allows for the entire unit to be deposited onto a tug or truck during service periods thus in most cases eliminating the requirement for a crane during service.

  • Unique fully reversible 158 person liferaft design
  • Suspended floor for maximum thermal protection
  • Multiple buoyancy compartments
  • Dual spiral slide path for safe, rapid and controlled descent
  • Unique slide path design for crew ascent where necessary
  • Integral service winch eliminates need for crane hire during MES installation and service removal
  • Revolutionary bowsing system and evacuation slide path designed to meet the challenges of the latest modern wide beam vessels
  • Flexible design allows for installation on widest range of vessel configurations
  • Paves way for more deck space - no davits or DL liferafts necessary.
Emergency Packs
  • Surviva life rafts are available with 'A' and 'B' emergency pack configurations.

Note: All weights and dimensions are approximate and may be subject to slight variation.

Marin Ark 430 
Marin Ark 430

The Marin Ark 430 is the world's safest and fastest method of transferring passengers and crew from your vessel into liferafts. No other system is as efficient or effective - one simple release action activates deployment of the system, which is fully inflated and operational within 90 seconds. The liferafts are fully reversible, ensuring the Marin Ark inflates upright every time. Once deployed the system is uniquely designed for utmost stability in the toughest conditions.

  • Fully reversible, ensuring the system inflates upright every time
  • Evacuation chutes fully enclosed so no passenger is exposed to the elements at any time during evacuation
  • Compact all-in-one stowage design maximizes space for passenger entertainment and comfort onboard
  • Stowage design allows for easy system 'swap-out' during service, meaning minimal vessel downtime
  • No additional bowsing required during deployment
  • Available in symmetrical and asymmetrical options, enabling maximum design flexibility.
  • Tween deck and open deck stowage solutions also available.
Emergency Packs
  • Available with your choice of SOLAS A or B packs.

Note: All weights and dimensions are approximate and may be subject to slight variation.

Seasava Plus 
Seasava Plus
Seasave Plus 4-10 Person
  • Designed for the serious offshore passage maker
  • Worldwide RFD serviceability
  • Rugged construction featuring a polyurethane proofed nylon fabric
  • Heavy duty GRP container
  • USL survey approved
  • Currently YA Compliant until 2009
Seasave Plus 12- 25 Person
  • Designed for large commercial, charter and recreational use
  • Commercial liferaft constructed of high quality materials
  • Strength and durability to ensure a long and trouble free working life
  • Packed in compact cylindrical or flat pack containers requiring minimum deck area for stowage
  • Can be packed into the 10 man container
  • Flat pack dimensions available upon request