Life Jackets

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RFD supplies life jackets to the Australian Defence Forces that include armour capable versions.

MK 60 & 61 Armour Capable Life Preserver 
MK 60 and 61 Armour Capable Life Preserver
MK 60 and 61 Armour Capable Life Preserver MK 60 and 61 Armour Capable Life Preserver MK 60 and 61 Armour Capable Life Preserver

The MK60 and 61 (M) Aircrew Life Preserversw are a sleeveless garment specifically designed for use by aircrew members of both rotary wing and transport aircraft operating in hostile environments, be it on land or sea.

The garment design offers two variants "front" crew – pilot and navigator and @rear@ crew Aircraft Loadmaster.

The garments offering the following features:

  • A waistcoat carriage facility incorporating both internal and external detachable pockets.
  • Detachable front and rear armour/ballistic plate and soft armour packs.
  • Detachable flotation assembly (Stole and pouch).
  • A flexible size roll.
  • Various miscellaneous features i.e. lifting beckets, whistle, buddy/buddy life line and toggle etc.
  • In respect of the MK60 (M) the garment also offers a "full" arrest harness which incorporates Leg Restraint Straps and Aircraft Quick release system.
MK 3 Hazardous Duty 
MK 3 Hazardous Duty
  • Automatically inflated
  • Low profile / light weight
  • Cost effective

For use where armed forces personnel need a low profile unobtrusive Automatically Inflated Lifejacket for jobs such as ships maintenance, when a fall could render the wearer unconscious and unable to activate the lifejacket manually.

A twin buoyancy stole in halter neck style valise fitted with oral inflation tubes, whistle and inflation mechanism with a manual override facility. The webbing waist belt incorporates a lifting loop and reliable and well proven buckle closure. Made entirely from highly durable proofed synthetic materials.

Technical data
275 Newtons buoyancy
Gas charge : 60 grams CO2
Weight: 1.0 kgs
Colour: valise-optional, stole – yellow or orange