Immersion Suits

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RFD supplies an extensive range of immersion garments to the Australian Defence Force that include rotary wing, fixed wing, fast jet and general use.


The Quickdon is a unique and novel approach providing protection where a constanbt wear anti-exposure immersion suit is impractical. The suit is designed to provide cold water protection in an emergency situation.

  • Single sized suit
  • Can be donned in 60 seconds
  • Protects against cold shock
  • Protects against the effects of long term immersion in cold water
  • Patented air expulsions system
  • Unique patented donning aids
  • Environmentally sealed packaging conforms to UK MOD DEF STAN 81-75/1 and US MIL-B-131H Type 1 Class 1
  • Extended shelf life
AGILE Fast Jet 
AGILE Fast Jet

A modular, interchangeable aircrew clothing system designed by Beaufort specifically for high G Aircraft.

The ensemble is designed to operate in the -35C to +35C conditions and provides protection from fire, cold water immersion, high sustained Gz forces and cold weather environments.

Imperial Immersion Suits 
Imperial Immersion Suits
  • USCG/MED approval / SOLAS Compliant
  • Three fingered mitt to keep fingers warmer
  • Wide legs for quick donning
  • Dual zipper with pull tabs
  • Inflatable high rider ring for additional freeboard and buoyancy
  • Snug fitting face seal is flexible and comfortable
  • Retro-reflective tape for extra visibility
  • Sturdy carry bag with 2 handles for quick retrieval and donning of suit
  • Suits are true to size
  • Suits made of 5 mm neoprene
  • 1-piece, sealed construction
  • Back straps
  • Inherently buoyant
  • Comes with whistle
  • Weighs only 14 lbs (6.35 kgs)