Life Jackets & Vests

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A life jacket is designed to support the wearer in a safe, head-up position with the nose and mouth well clear of the water.

A life jacket is an essential piece of life saving equipment.

The RFD Aerospace lifejacket is available in various designs to suit adults, children and crew.

Manufactured from PU coated Nylon fabric, offering extreme durability. The life jackets are an ultra light weight design, and are available as CAA and FAA approved versions.

All life jackets have an automatic inflation device, a water activated sea-light, whistle and oral inflation tube.

102 MK2 Life Jacket 
102 MK2 Life Jacket
  • Water activated light
  • Automatic inflation
  • Oral inflation tube
  • Weight: 475 g
  • 5 year service interval
  • CAA Approved
105 Mk1 Infant Life Jacket 
105 Mk1 Infant Life Jacket
  • Weighs 370gm
  • In sealed valise
  • 10 year service interval
  • CAA Approved
Mk28 Aviation Jacket 
Mk28 Aviation Jacket
Crew Jacket

CAA Approved

  • Suitable for use in both rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft
  • Ultra-slim stole pouch, a fully-adjustable webbing waistbelt/backstrap and an efficient inflatable stole assembly
  • Stole pouch is manufactured from an immensely durable synthetic fabric, black in colour, and is closed around the periphery by means of touch-and-close fastener
  • The pouch is securely attached to a heavy-duty and fully adjustable webbing waistbelt/backstrap assembly which is secured by means of a positive-lock fastener
  • The pillow section of the pouch is fitted with a hold-down arrangement to obviate possible interaction with the wearer's helmet
  • The pouch envelops and protects a single chamber inflatable stole, orange in colour, which is manufactured from high tenacity P.U. coated nylon fabric by means of R.F. welding
  • Proven performance and longevity
  • Compact, unobtrusive design
  • Low weight for enhanced comfort
  • Easy to don and doff
  • Buoyancy in excess of 165 Newtons
  • Beacon pockets on waist belt and stole
Passenger Jacket Mk28WB

The popular Mk28WB is a purpose designed variable of the Mk28 Crew Lifejacket. Primarily intended for use by helicopter passengers but equally suitable for use in fixed wing aircraft. Features an Integral Sprayhood assembly and buddy line.

Technical data
  • Weight - 1 Kg (approx.)
  • Buoyancy - Mk28 approx. 165 Newtons, Mk.28WB 170 Newtons
  • CO2 cylinder - 1 x 33g disposable
  • Battery/lamp assembly - Dry-cell type with on/off switch
  • Approval - CAA (Approval no. E13474)