RFD PFD Safety Videos Go On-Line

A new series of Australian produced safety videos have been produced for the RFD brand of Personal Flotation devices (PFDs). The series of five videos is aimed at educating boaters in selecting, wearing and maintaining their RFD PFDs.

All of the five new RFD videos can be viewed/ downloaded at the TV section of the RFD web site,

The titles included in the series are:

  • How to Select, Don and Adjust Your PFD
  • How to Use Your Manual and Automatic Inflatable PFD
  • How to Maintain & Re-Arm Your Manual Inflatable PFD
  • Checking, Inflating and Repacking Your Manual Inflatable PFD
  • Checking, Inflating and Repacking Your Automatic Inflatable PFD

All of the new videos are aimed at providing information to boaters in a practical, easy to follow high definition video format. The videos are filmed in Melbourne and present an Australian perspective on the topic of PFDs.

With so many consumers turning to the web for purchasing and how-to-operate information, Survitec, (owner of the RFD brand) has taken the initiative to provide a series of information based videos.

"Our new RFD videos are purely educational," said Mark Barker, Managing Director of the Survitec Group.

"Our objective is to educate and support our customers, along with the broader boating community, with useful information. The on-line presence should give RFD customers the basic information and confidence needed to select, wear and maintain their RFD Personal Floatation Device (PFD)."

The opening video clips deals with the basics of PFD selection, a PFD which is inherently buoyant versus an inflatable PFD. It demonstrates the way to don and adjust a PFD, something which is best shown on a video.

The remaining video clips demonstrate the ways to activate an inflatable PFD, how to perform routine checks and then how to re-arm an inflatable PFD once it has been inflated. Viewers are shown the differences between a manual and automatic inflatation of a PFD so that they can be clear as to which model they have on board. "Inflatable PFDs are not maintenance free," said Mark Barker. "We believe that owners of inflatable PFD's need to understand how they operate, how to re-arm them if used, and how to keep their jackets in good working order."

Through these videos we hope to deliver useful and practical information on maintaining an important piece of safety equipment. We also strongly advise owners to follow the service information on their PFDs and also ensure they are professionally serviced at an appropriate station in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.

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For further information contact;

Mark Barker
Managing Director
Survitec Group

Phone: +61 2 9330 7000
Fax: +61 2 9330 7098