Survitec Group acquires Survival Offshore Systems Pty Ltd (SOS)

Survitec Group, a global leader in the manufacture, supply, inspection, testing and maintenance of safety and survival equipment, has today announced the acquisition of Survival Offshore Systems, headquartered in Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

The acquisition forms part of Survitec’s key growth strategies, expanding its service station footprint by adding two new attractive offshore locations in Yarram, Victoria and Townsville, Queensland. The deal also improves the Group’s capability in lifeboat and davit servicing and establishes valuable customer relationships in the offshore sector of a region demonstrating accelerated growth.

Focusing on the commercial marine and offshore markets, Survival Offshore Systems was established in 1987 and was for many years the only domestic operator providing lifeboat and davit servicing throughout Australia. Today the business’s primary activities are focused on the inspection, repair and maintenance of lifeboats and davits across the whole Australasian region. The business also offers a range of other LSA products and services that includes liferafts, lifejackets, breathing apparatus, high pressure compressors, Fast Rescue Craft and EPIRBS.

This deal compliments the recent acquisition of Survival Craft Inspectorate by adding new customers and new geographic markets for lifeboat and davit maintenance and inspection. With immediate effect, Survival Offshore Systems will be integrated and renamed into the Survitec Group brand.

Craig Johnson, Managing Director of Survitec Group Australia commented on the new business: “Survival Offshore Systems is a highly regarded lifeboat and davit service provider in the marine and offshore markets. Combining SOS’s service capabilities with Survitec Group’s product and service capabilities will enable us to provide unique and competitive Total Survival Solutions to our customers in the marine and offshore markets.”

Managing Director of SOS Steven Mathews added: “I welcome the opportunity for SOS to join our four service sites in the region with Survitec Australia and bring the lifeboat and davit service offering to the Survitec Group. I am excited to be part of the Survitec Group expansion plans and look forward to the integration process across the Australia and Pacific region.”

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Survitec was acquired by global private equity firm Onex Corporation in April of this year. With this support, Survitec is pursuing its global expansion strategy and strengthening its position in the marine, offshore, defense and aerospace safety markets through organic growth and through strategic acquisitions within existing and new territories.

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Notes to Editors: About Survitec Group

Survitec Group holds market-leading positions worldwide in marine, offshore, defense and aerospace survival technology. Headquartered in Birkenhead, UK the company employs approximately 2,000 people across 8 manufacturing sites and over 50 service stations, operating through a network of more than 650 distributors and agents to bring its best-in-class products and services to a global customer base. With an extensive history spanning over 160 years and a portfolio of some of the most reputable brands in the safety and survival industry, Survitec Group is committed to product innovation, technological advancement and quality assurance.

Key products within Survitec Group’s portfolio include marine, offshore, defence and aviation lifesaving equipment, world-leading submarine escape technology, lifejackets for commercial airlines and the offshore industry, as well as pilot flight equipment including anti-g clothing used for the Eurofighter and Joint Strike Fighter programs. Survitec Group also pioneered marine evacuation technology and the unique RFD Marin Ark system is used today on many major cruise ships across the globe.

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