Survitec Signs Integrated Logistics Support Life Raft Contract with Royal Australian Navy

Survitec Group Australia has signed a breakthrough contract with the Royal Australian Navy for the supply, support, maintenance, logistics and asset management of RFD liferafts on board all Navy vessels for the next five years.

The new contract represents new initiatives which will remove financial and logistical burden from the Commonwealth and ultimately, will deliver significant long term savings for the Navy.

Under the new contract, Survitec will not only sustain the existing pool of RFD Surviva liferafts but on expiry, will replace them with commercially proven and internationally fielded RFD Endura liferafts.

RFD Endura will continue to deliver best-in-class performance (same as traditional Surviva liferafts) but most significantly, the RFD Endura will offer 30 months service interval which will immensely reduce overall logistics of liferafts for years to come.

According to Craig Johnson, Managing Director of the Survitec Group, the key strength of Survitec was to meet the operational and logistical needs of the RAN.

“We are required to ensure that every vessel in the RAN fleet has a full complement of liferafts on board which are operational and ready to go,” Craig Johnson said.

“Survitec has dedicated contract management resources in place to ensure operational readiness of the fleet.”

Following an extensive and competitive tender process, Survitec won the RAN contract on the basis of best value for money for the Commonwealth, wealth of experience and ability to deliver nationwide contract thanks to a strong Australian footprint.

Commodore Stephanie Moles Royal Australian Navy, Director General Maritime Support, Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group, said: “This contract is the way of the future for Maritime Cross-Platform Systems Program Office managed assets and items of supply. The contracts being developed will deliver more effective and efficient sustainment through incentivised relationships with our industry partners.”

“As a company, Survitec is proud to be supporting the Royal Australian Navy with a product which we believe is the best in the world,” Craig Johnson said.


About Survitec Group:

Survitec Group holds market-leading positions worldwide in marine, offshore, defense and aerospace survival technology. Headquartered in Birkenhead, UK the company employs approximately 2,000 people across 8 manufacturing sites and over 50 service stations, operating through a network of more than 650 distributors and agents to bring its best-in-class products and services to a global customer base. With an extensive history spanning over 160 years and a portfolio of some of the most reputable brands in the safety and survival industry, Survitec Group is committed to product innovation, technological advancement and quality assurance.

Survitec Group in Australia (RFD Australia Pty Ltd) is primarily involved in the supply, service and project management of marine, fire, life support and high pressure gas equipment to Government Departments and major corporations in the region. In the marine segment Survitec Group services recreational boating as well as the defence, shipping, cruise and aviation industries.


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Managing Director, Survitec Group

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