Quality Raft Saves French Sailor

The highly publicised rescue of French solo sailor Alain Delord has a local link since the same liferaft deployed and used is identical to the RFD Transocean raft sold in Australian by Survitec.

Solo round-the-world sailor Alain Delord was approximately 500 nautical miles south of Hobart in the Southern Ocean when his 11m yacht was dismasted. As it became clear that his boat was sinking he set off his EPIRB and abandoned ship, taking to his Transocean life raft.

In total, Alain Delord aged 63 spent over 50 hours alone in his 4-man ISO rated liferaft before being rescued by the cruise ship Orion.

Sea conditions were rated as rough with 26 knot winds and a 4m swell running.

The raft carried aboard Alain Dulord's yacht is a Plastimo Transocean 4 man model. This is identical in manufacture to the RFD Transocean raft sold in Australia by Survitec.

"No-one likes to hear about sailors who need to abandon ship in the wild Southern Ocean," said Survitec Australia MD, Mark Barker. "But when this does happen, and the Transocean raft has kept a sailor alive for three days until rescuers arrive, it is very gratifying to see the product perform so well."

"This should give boaters the world over, exceptional confidence in the Plastimo and RFD brands."

Manufactured with a tough 1100 decitex PVC outer shell for toughness, and available with varying emergency packs, sailors and offshore boaters can be confident that the Transocean raft will perform under the most adverse conditions. Designed for use in extreme conditions like the Southern Ocean, the Transocean has large capacity ballast pockets and a double insulating floor.

The RFD Transocean comes complete with a well stocked survival pack approved to YA specification.

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